Coffee Talk by Joseph Ryder

This afternoon I shot and edited the first of what will hopefully be an ongoing series called “Coffee Talk” where we’ll be talking to interesting people from around Long Island over some amazing coffee. Mixing my two favorite things, media production and coffee!

Here is the first video shot at Local’s Coffee shop in Port Jefferson. Host Kevin Wood interviews local county music artist Carolyn Benson about her new song and music video, “Forever In My Heart,” a song that pays tribute to the veterans who have served our country.

Here’s a link to Carolyn’s video. Be sure to check it out! And if you like this series be sure to let me know on twitter and Instagram!

Behind the Shot: LI Nets by Joseph Ryder

Behind the Shot is a look behind one of my favorite shot’s of the November 3rd season opener of the Long Island Nets. Guard Jordan McLaughlin dunks on the Westchester Knicks in the first quarter. All the images in the video were shot on my Nikon d750 with a 70-200 f2.8 lens at 1/320s and ISO 4000… The video was shot on my GoPro hero 5 mounted to my Nikon’s hot shoe.

If you like this kind of content be sure to let me know! I had the opportunity to photograph the game for’s G-League website “Ridiculous Upside.” To read about the Net’s win be sure to check out Tim Oakes’ wrap up of the game.

Below is a gallery of some of my favorite images of the game. This was my first time covering basketball since graduating from Stony Brook… Hopefully there will be more basketball coverage soon!

Tower of Power by Joseph Ryder

A celebration of Nikola Tesla's 168th birthday at his Shoreham, NY laboratory. The event was used to help raise funds to renovate the structure into a museum and education center. Since the project began over seven million dollars has been raised, including a million donated by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk.

Cold Spring Harbor Drone Video by Joseph Ryder

Here is the finished video I put together from my flight over Cold Spring Harbor earlier this week. All of the video was taken on my DJI Mavic Pro and edited using Adobe Premiere and After Effects. One thing I learned from this test flight was that I need to upgrade the SD card inside the drone. If you look at the video its not so unapparent that the SD card had an issue with the bitrate the drone was shooting at.

But being this was mostly just a test flight that I used as an excuse to take the drone out for the day and capture some stills, I decided to edit the clips together anyway. One of the fun parts of dealing with drone footage is there isn't any internal audio. All of the audio in the video was added in post.

Breaking out the Drone over Cold Spring Harbor by Joseph Ryder

With the weather warming up a bit today after non-stop rain yesterday I decided to bring my drone out to Cold Spring Harbor to try to capture some unique images. The biggest strength of using a drone as a photographer is being able to create images that five years ago were simply impossible.

One of my favorite techniques is looking straight down with a bird's eye view. It's amazing how different a landscape looks when viewed from above instead of horizontally as we're accustomed to. Below are three of the images I created today in the harbor. I captured some 4k video also and am currently in the process of editing that. Once that's finished I'm going to be creating another post that will also go into my workflow for editing drone footage and images. 

Slow Motion Baseball with the GH5 by Joseph Ryder

While photographing last night's Mets game verse the Nationals I decided to grab a couple slow motion shots with the GH5 and see what I could come up with in Premiere. I also took images with the camera's burst mode and 6k photo mode to compare the results. The images were also taken with a relativly high ISO for a mirrorless camera, bouncing between 2000 and 3200.

Working with the GH5 was a blast at the game. I found myself switching back and forth between burst mode, 6k photo mode and video mode with variable frame rate enabled. One of the few things that bothered me with the camera was the lag in 6k photo mode. Normally I expect for an image to be taken when I click the shutter button. In burst mode this is the case, but when switched to 6k photo mode there is a noticeable lag from clicking the shutter to when the camera actually begins the recording from which you can draw the images from.

Another slight con comes when switching from video mode and photo mode and vice versa. The ISO settings in the camera do not adjust. For example, while shooting stills I had the ISO set to 2500 so that I could boost my shutter speed. For glass, I used a Nikon 300 f4 with a metabones speed booster. With this setup I was able to shoot around 1/2000s. When I went to video the shutter automatically switched to 180 degrees but the ISO stayed stuck at 2500, blowing out the image. I had to manually switch the camera to ISO 800, giving me a much better exposure. I would have liked to see the camera be able to remember your ISO settings between photo and video mode and adjust itself.