Sunset at Robert Moses / by Joseph Ryder

Being that it's smowing out and sub-zero I wanted to warm myself up and take a look back at a few shots I took at Robert Moses state park in mid-November.

Sunset at Robert Moses  Joseph Ryder

Sunset at Robert Moses Joseph Ryder

For this shot I handheld a five shot bracket on my Nikon D750 while in continuous high mode. I was shooting at 35mm, f3.2, and ISO 100. My base shutter speed was 1/800 and the bracket shot 2 images overexposed and 2 underexposed a full stop apart. In lightroom I merged the raw images together as an HDR image.

Shooting this landscape this way I was able to retain lots of details in the sky and preserve shadow detail in the beach grass.

A Seagull in flight  Joseph Ryder

A Seagull in flight Joseph Ryder

This next image was shot on my crop body Nikon D7100. I usually like to keep a crop body with me to compliment my full frame body. By doing this I gain an extra 50% reach on my longest lens.

In terms of this image that lens was a 300mm f4. On the D7100 I got a full frame equivalent 450mm reach.